Ship Your Sticks!

Why bother lugging your golf clubs as you embark on your journey!?


Let it snow

We recommend scheduling your luggage delivery at least one business day before your arrival in areas commonly affected by winter weather.

The Luggage Club Specializes in Shipping Sticks and Luggage.

The Luggage Club Specializes in Shipping Sticks and Luggage.

We can accommodate individuals or groups! As you prepare for your upcoming destination golf event, don't worry about how you are going to lug around all of that baggage, or how uncomfortable it will be to play with rental clubs. Let us grab your clubs from your office or house, and have them delivered to the course you will be playing! We specialize in shipping all sorts of luggage, so give our service a shot! We will blow you away with the outstanding service and attention to detail!

The Luggage Club

Ship your luggage door-to-door with The Luggage Club and stop worrying about lost or delayed luggage. Why put up with airline luggage fees, check-in lines, security checks and luggage carousel delays? Golf bag shipping, ski shipping, snowboard shipping and shipping luggage worldwide just makes sense. Luggage free travel is the way to go!