Disabled Travelers

The Luggage Club offers our disabled members the same great services but with more of a convenience.

Disabled Traveler Services

Disabled Traveler Services

The Luggage Club will ship wheelchairs, walkers or any other mobility-assisted equipment with your luggage to any destination while helping you maintain a simple and easy way to travel, all at discounted prices. The Luggage Club understands the challenges and difficulties that the physically challenged face when traveling and we are committed to making all of your travel experiences as convenient as possible. To take advantage of this great offer, please register today and start to experience hassle-free travel.

The Luggage Club

Ship your luggage door-to-door with The Luggage Club and stop worrying about lost or delayed luggage. Why put up with airline luggage fees, check-in lines, security checks and luggage carousel delays? Golf bag shipping, ski shipping, snowboard shipping and shipping luggage worldwide just makes sense. Luggage free travel is the way to go!